Emotional Energy Transformation

Emotional Energy Transformation is a new gateway to personal empowerment. It's based on Dr. Shirazi's research and work over the past 20 years to enhance the ability of accessing our vast internal resources, to heal ourselves.

The foundation of the material on this book stems from centuries of Eastern philosophy. It provides easy, practical tools to understand the energetic aspect of our feelings. EET will provide you a new capability to control your feelings, to harness your emotions, and to achieve your goals. It provides unmatched insight into managing your personal power.

We all have amazing, untapped abilities to overcome every kind of challenge and achieve excellence in our lives. Dr. Shirazi has created the EET project based on his work as a Wellness Based Medical provider, and to share his unique perspective and empower you to transform, from within.

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Chinese Medicine

The focus of this manual is to serve as an interface which supports the integration of Western nutritional and herbal supplementation into the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. This book contains treatment ideas related to common imbalances within the paired organ systems of the body, established by Traditional Chinese Medicine, with recommendations for nutritional and herbal supplementation, acupuncture protocols, and diet, including simple recipes, which are foundational to regaining health and balance in these systems. This information can be readily utilized in daily practice. This work is primarily designed to support Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners by providing new tools for helping their patients and expanding their practice. It can also serve as a valuable clinical tool for all practitioners of natural medicine.